Armstrong Announces Legislation to Reform Section 230 and Hold Big Tech Accountable

July 28, 2021
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Kelly Armstrong (R-ND) announced legislation to hold Big Tech accountable by reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The legislation will create a product liability carve out to preserve claims relating to product liability, for any instance in which an e-commerce platform has physical possession or control of a product at issue.

E-commerce platforms currently use Section 230 to avoid product liability, even when the company is involved in storing, distribution, shipment, and fulfillment of a product. This legislation will improve consumer protection by removing this exemption for Big Tech.

“Big Tech has asserted itself into almost every aspect of Americans’ lives, changing the way we communicate, learn, shop, and more,” said Congressman Armstrong. “My legislation will hold Big Tech accountable for product liability and improve consumer protection. Big Tech cannot be allowed to hide behind Section 230 and avoid taking responsibility for the products they distribute.”

Full text of Armstrong’s legislation can be found here.

Armstrong’s legislation is part of a comprehensive package of discussion draft bills released by House Energy and Commerce Committee Republicans to hold Big Tech accountable by improving transparency and content moderation accountability, reforming Section 230, promoting competition, and preventing illegal and harmful activity on their platforms.


“Big Tech has failed to promote the battle of ideas and free speech by censoring political viewpoints they disagree with. They also don’t do enough to keep our children safe or address illegal content on their platforms. Big Tech has broken our trust that they can be good and responsible stewards of their platforms.  Today, Energy and Commerce Republicans are building on our leadership to hold Big Tech accountable”, said House Energy and Commerce Committee Republican Leader Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers. “Guided by our Big Tech Accountability Platform, we are releasing discussion draft bills for Big Tech to be transparent, uphold American values for free speech, and stop their abuse of power that is harming our children. Our goal is for these drafts to lead to concrete legislation. Every Republican member of the Energy and Commerce Committee is leading on solutions, and I’m grateful for their hard work to drive meaningful and needed change.”

More information on Energy and Commerce Republican efforts to hold Big Tech accountable can be found here and The Big Tech Accountability Platform can be found here.