Congressman Kelly Armstrong Opposes Articles of Impeachment

December 18, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Kelly Armstrong voted against the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump today. Armstrong released the following statement on the vote:

“Second only to declaring war, impeachment is the most serious action the House of Representatives can take. In their hatred for this president, the Democrat majority has trivialized the impeachment process with vague accusations and unproven charges.

“The Democrats rushed a partisan impeachment process to produce these allegations. This has never been about facts or fairness. It has always been about removing President Trump by any means necessary before the 2020 election.”

The first article of impeachment was opposed by all Republicans and two Democrats. The second article of impeachment was opposed by all Republicans and three Democrats.

Armstrong is serving his first term representing the state of North Dakota in the U.S. House of Representatives. He sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.