Congressman Kelly Armstrong’s Statement on Articles of Impeachment

December 10, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Kelly Armstrong released the following statement today on the House Democrats’ announcement of articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump:

“Today, Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats announced articles of impeachment against the President of United States. They are impeaching President Trump on charges they can’t prove, in the fastest impeachment proceeding in modern history, and without the Judiciary Committee hearing from a single fact witness.

“They are using an ambiguous abuse of power charge because they have failed to prove an underlying crime. And because they can’t meet the burden of proof for anything specific, they have decided to use all of it. This violates every standard of proof. This goes against our American sense of fundamental fairness and due process.

“The obstruction of Congress charge is baseless. President Trump has a legal right to object to subpoenas and it is the courts’ role to rule in those cases. Democrats refuse to wait for the third branch of government to weigh in. In no other proceeding in the country would using a valid legal recourse lead to more charges against you, but that’s exactly what Democrats are doing with President Trump.

“In an effort to satisfy their base, House Democrats are dividing the country. Today is a sad day for our nation.”

Armstrong is serving his first term representing the state of North Dakota in the U.S. House of Representatives. He sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.