Congressman Kelly Armstrong’s Statement on Impeachment Resolution

October 31, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON – Congressman Kelly Armstrong released the following statement regarding the House passage of the impeachment resolution (H. Res. 660):

“For only the fourth time in our country’s history, the House has initiated impeachment proceedings against a duly elected President. There is no transparency, there is no accountability, there is no due process, and this is not about finding the facts. Simply put, this is not fair. I oppose this resolution, this ‘process,’ and I oppose impeaching President Trump. The White House has released the call transcript. It’s time for Speaker Pelosi to release the deposition transcripts and it is time for Rep. Schiff to come clean about his coordination with the whistleblower.”

Armstrong is serving his first term representing the state of North Dakota in the U.S. House of Representatives. He sits on the House Judiciary Committee, the House Oversight and Reform Committee, and the House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis.