A congressional internship is an invaluable experience and we encourage all those who are interested to apply. Interns that work in our DC office will assist with answering phones, researching legislation, assisting with constituent services, and learn the deep history of our Capitol while providing tours to visitors.

Our District office interns will have similar experiences in assisting with answering phone calls, assisting with constituent case work, and attending events with state and local leaders to gain a full understanding of current issues in North Dakota.


Applicants must have completed at least one year of study at a higher education institution. North Dakota residents and/or those students studying at a North Dakota higher education institution receive priority.

Application Deadlines

Spring Session (January-May): November 15th

Summer Session (June-August): March 15th

Fall Session (September-December): July 31st


In the following Internship Application form, please be prepared to submit the following information or documents:

  • Your academic information (degree pursued, graduation date, and grade point average)

  • Specific areas of interest to you

  • Prior internship experience, if any

  • Career objectives

  • A paragraph about yourself and why you would like to intern in a congressional office

  • Cover letter, including your preference of DC or District office internship 

  • Resume 

  • Two professional references that we may call upon

  • One letter of recommendation (optional)

To apply for an internship in one of our offices, please complete and submit the Internship form.